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Jain food product is food processing company initially established in the year 2007 by Mr. Mahendra Ashok Bora the current director of the company.
The company is the one of the largest manufacturer of the khakras in maharastra and also one of the largest manufacturer of the dry dosa in india.

Khakhra is a thin cracker common in the Gujarati and  Rajasthani  cuisines of western India, especially among Jains and gujraits. It is made from mat bean, wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast. Khakhras are roasted to provide a crunchy and healthy snack that can be enjoyed with a selection of spicy pickles and chutneys.

The company today produces 11 variants in the khakra catogry which comes in round shape as well as in small rectangular shape oftenly known as mobile khakra Dry dosa is crisp snack which usually comes in exotic flavours loved by all the types of generation.the base is made up of traditional dosa batter and then roasted to get perfectly shaped and finely textured crispy dosa The company has 5 flavours in the ranges.


The boras initially had textile business which was carried forward by both the directors of Jain food product Mr.Mahendra bora & Mr.Jitendra bora .but in the late 2000 the textile market started fading down due to large competition and that was time in 2007 when Mr.Mahendra had a major accident losing all senses in the right leg after which he was strictly instructed by the doctor to avoid going near any machines and that was the time he stepped out form the textile unit and started Jain food product in the backyard of the house with a mere investment and 03 labours and awesome receipes by his mother Mrs.Surekha Ashok Bora. He used to approach the retailers personally for the orders.

As the days passed away in the start of 2011/12 the textile busniees in the city dropped down to a huge extent. At the time the big brother mr.jitendra also stepped out from the textile business and joined the younger brother in the food business and after the hardwork and perseverance
of so many years Mr.Mahendras marketing knowledge and Mr.Surekhas  Mr.Jitendras production knowledge the company has reached on this level.

Jain food product
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