Directors desk

1. Mahendra bora:-
He looks after the marketing and accounting department .his immense knowledge in mathematics and soft verbal nature has helped a lot in the expansion of the market .He also looks after the dispatching and logistics department.he looks after the overall supply chain management and ensures that all the products are safely transported to all the distributers and the  retailers

2. Jitendra bora:-
His analytical and technical skills to run day-to-day operations oversees the support operations of the factory and ensures that the resources are employed efficiently. His immense love for the machines is very helpful to avoid production loss due to machine breakage His logical and methodical approach acts as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality. He looks after the facility management, human resource development, salary administration and benefit programs, etc.

3. Surekha bora:-
With her analytical approach for looking at things the most positive way is involved in innovation and production of the organisation ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the company.she also looks after the human resource development engaged in the floor work, raw material and packaging department.she also oversees the overall quality and safety of the products, ensuring that the products meet the standards set by both the company and regulatory authorities.

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